FotoFever, Paris 2015, Virtual Tour

I am still shocked by the events that took place in Paris last Friday evening, and to be quite honest with you am unsure to say. So instead, I will share a few words from a fellow photo enthusiast who was present at the fair over this past weekend: 

Fotofever, Paris 2015. A fair to never forget. The terrorist attacks cast a shadow over the city, over the world, over all beauty and innocence. All was closed during these days of terror. The Fotofever art fair remained to be open. Surrealistic empty streets, a dark Eiffeltower and closed shops, armed soldiers leading the way to the entrance of the fair in le Caroussel du Louvre. But somehow many people came to enjoy the beauty in these hard days. I will never forget, Paris will never forget, the world will never forget. We are still alive and kicking, my thoughts go out to those who are not alive and kicking anymore because of the terrible events that took place. Hereby is the link to the virtual tour, for those who could not come, did not dare to.